Personal Chef

Personal chef services begin with creating menus. For my new clients, that starts with a one-on-one consultation and questionnaire that I use to learn more about your likes, dislikes and dietary needs. I ask about favorite ingredients, herbs and spices and I want to know whether you prefer that I shop at a particular store or buy organic produce. I do my best to purchase produce that’s in-season, to assure the freshest ingredients – and I frequent local farmers’ markets whenever possible.

After I gather the information, I create personalized menus that vary each week — although favorite meal requests are always welcome!

Each client is given a set of reusable containers; meals are sent with cooking instructions and I leave a menu so you can easily see what menu items go together.

Once we’re underway, I’ll communicate frequently with you via email, to be sure that the meals have met your expectations and make plans for the coming week. You can get an idea of pricing for my personal chef services from these sample plans.

Chef Kim is licensed, insured and Servsafe certified.