Is Home Delivery Right For you?

My home delivered meal clients range from individuals to couples to families of five. What they all have in common is the desire for meals that are nourishing, match their tastes and nutritional needs and are delivered right to their door. Meals come in reusable containers and, depending on the client’s needs, can be eaten right away or frozen and saved to enjoy later.

Clients count on me to be flexible, reliable and creative and I’m proud to say I never let them down. I’m very lucky to have clients who treat me like family and equally happy that the meals I prepare for them relieve them from the stress of cooking and help them feel good about what they are eating.

Going on vacation? If you’re vacationing locally, I can deliver meals that you can take with you to the beach or the mountains. And, I can stock your fridge and freezer so that meals are waiting for you when you return.

My services include