Customer Questionnaire

Here is my Culinary Questionnaire for Personal Chef and Meal Delivery services!  It helps me to gather your likes, dislikes and taste preferences so I can establish a custom, delicious and healthy menu that’s perfect for you.  Please take a few minutes to answer all the questions the best you can; the more info you provide, the better I can serve your particular needs. Please don’t hesitate to include any additional info that may not be requested on below. Thank you so much! I genuinely look forward to serving your culinary needs as your personal chef!

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Are there any food allergies I should be aware of?

Do you have any dietary restrictions? 

What are your TOP 5 favorite foods/meals?

Please indicate any herbs that you DO NOT like (check all that apply):

Please indicate any spices/seasonings you DO NOT like (check all that apply):
Black PepperChili PowderCuminCurryGarlicOnionRed PepperSaltSesame SeedVanilla

Please indicate any proteins that you DO NOT eat (check all that apply):

What are some of the fish or seafood that you enjoy?

Are there any vegetables in particular you DO NOT enjoy?

Tell me about your FAVORITE types of cuisines:

Tell me some of your favorite soups:

Any favorite brands of foods you prefer to use?

What are your favorite salad dressings?

Are there any specific “organic” items you wish to use or have in the house?

Do you like spicy foods?
NoYes, mildly spicyYes, moderately spicyYes, super spicy

Is there anything that you absolutely will not eat?

What time do you typically like to have dinner?

How many nights a week would you like dessert?

What types of desserts do you enjoy?

Do you eat leftovers? 

What is the most appealing thing to you about having a private chef? 

Please let me know anything else I need to know to serve you best: