• Another Happty Customer

    Chef Kim has been a part of our “family” for the past four years.  We initially hired Kim four summers ago to work as a private chef at our beach house.  At the time, we had three very young children, and a never-ending “revolving door” of house guests. Thanks to Kim, I was able to enjoy family time as well as spend time with our friends without having to worry about endless food shopping, prep, cooking and clean-up.  At the end of that first summer, Kim mentioned that she also offers a weekly service as a personal chef.  (For a reasonable fee, she will grocery shop and prepare a week’s worth of customized main dishes and sides in your own kitchen).  We have enjoyed her delicious meals on a weekly basis ever since.  Chef Kim has also helped with many holiday dinners and parties, as her fees are much more reasonable than a typical caterer, and her selections are endless. In addition, I have given the “gift of Chef Kim” to new mothers and friends who have been too sick to cook for their families.  Her cooking is always much appreciated by all!

    ~ Mrs. Marjorie M.

    Princeton, NJ